NEWS 2009

For a better process monitoring now are the products

  • Volume measuring System for release agent (up to 8 circle Systems)
  • Vacuum measuring System (2 measuring points)

new in our Program

NEWS 2008


- Get interfere with K.H.Schmalz GmbH - 


This slogan can have now an even greater importance for you! 

Since 1 May 2008, we have the series of the form-release agent, Don Cast DGS included in our product range.
The product series Don Cast DGS is distributed exclusively by the company K.H. Schmalz GmbH in Germany and in Switzerland.

The form release agent, Don Cast is a water-miscible form release agent which can be used in a very broad spectrum.

Of course, we have not invented the wheel - but with a great product and a competent partner, the company DONAUCHEM GmbH from Vienna with more than 180 years of experience in the manufacture of basic chemicals, clear signs of this a further milestone has been laid.


„Get interfere you with K.H.Schmalz GmbH“




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